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Service Repairs

If you report a problem with your telephone service and a repair person is sent to your premises and finds the trouble in the telephone equipment or inside wiring you own, a service charge will apply and no repairs will be made. At your request, repairs will be made to inside wiring and telephones. Such repairs will be done on a time and material basis in lieu of a services charge.

To avoid unnecessary charges, take these steps to test your telephone equipment/wiring before you report a services problem:

See that all cords are firmly plugged in and all handsets are in place. If you cannot make outgoing calls, unplug all your phones, answering machines, the base to your cordless phone, computer, etc. At various jacks, test each phone individually by plugging it in and making a test call. Continue until you find the phone that doesn't work.

You may also test your phones at a neighbor's house. If an individual phone does not work at any jacks or your neighbor's jacks, the trouble  is probably in that phone. If all phones work at your neighbor's jack but not you own, the trouble is probably in the inside wiring or outside cable.

If you have troubles receiving call, follow these steps, but have someone return your call.

To test inside wiring, a Network Interface jack is needed. Network Interface jacks are installed at Telephone Company discretion or by customer request. If you already have a Network Interface on the outside of your premises, instructions for testing or installing wiring can be done from the Telephone Company Business Office.

The Telephone Company is always responsible for Telephone Company outside cable. If you have any questions about telephone equipment, inside wiring or testing your equipment or wiring, call the Telephone Business Office at 715-778-4433 and a Service Representative will be happy to help you.